Native to a wide range of countries such as Europe, Asia, Africa and North America, nettle leaf (more commonly known as stinging nettle) can be surprisingly painful when it comes into contact with skin. However, nettles are not just troublemakers, they’ve been used for medicinal purposes since the third century and continue to be used for many of the same reasons today.

nettleSo why do we use it in our recover tea?

Firstly, nettle leaf is rich in iron which helps fight fatigue. It also contains several identified compounds that are biologically active, including flavonoids such as quercetin that are antioxidants. A number of studies have also shown that it acts as a blood purifier and as a kidney ‘flushing agent’ - which many herbalists believe can even prevent the formation of kidney stones

So if you’re feeling worn out, pushed it a little too hard the night before or just fancy a boost then put the kettle on and brew up a Recover tea!